Construction and Renovation



Patrick Merrill & Efficient 

Efficient Enterprises is a design, build and renovate firm serving seacoast NH and surrounding communities since 2009. We take on a multitude of projects ranging from hardscape/landscape to general contracting home builds and renovations. We're happy to take a look at the project that others shy away from and equally as enthusiastic about designing a unique feature for your home or garden. 

Patrick Merrill began Efficient while attending college and working two other part time jobs.  When opportunities for employment weren't feeding his appetite for challenging, rewarding work he focused his efforts on marketing what was at the time Efficient Earthwork and through positive referrals and call backs he established the business Patrick's Efficient Enterprises, LLC and went full time in 2012.

"We are efficient in our process and practice. We are always educating ourselves but forever standing by tried and true methods and materials. We carefully manage every task and undertaking but also look at every project as a creative outlet or artistic opportunity. And the clients, well the clients are my neighbors, thrifty New Englanders, self reliant, inspiring and entrepreneurial - a lot of times they're enough reason to take on the project." 

"We pride ourselves on our easy going, up front demeanor and set ourselves apart with our understanding and careful attention to detail and of course our clients. And then there's our work ethic, if you've ever met a Merrill, the first thing you probably noticed was our work ethic."  - Patrick Merrill, Owner