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Patrick MErrill



Always an entrepreneur, Patrick started Efficient in college as a means of income that paid more in freedoms than dividends. Growing up between Naples, FL and Seacoast, NH he had many entrepreneurial influences. In Florida he watched his step father start and grow a land development business, South Florida Excavation Inc, from just a few employees in 1994 to over 200 in 2004. As a young adult Patrick spent nearly all of his free time on the job site working his way to site foreman before deciding to return to NH in 2008. 

Starting his own business endeavors in college Patrick employed friends part time to complete projects as opportunities came along. Growing just a little too quickly in it's first few years Patrick scaled back to focus on areas he knew he could improve. "I didn't want to be just another landscaper or home builder," says Patrick. "When you're busy it's easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing and forget your own goals." 

Scaling the business back gave Patrick a lot of time to focus on his endless list of hobbies as well as sharing them with his fiance Samantha. When Patrick isn't driving Efficient he's working on one of his own projects or outside pursuing a seasonal hobby like hunting or making maple syrup. 



As full time estimator, Bodie comes along for every quote and site meeting. He handles most of our supply house affairs and inspects every truck load of soil or fill. Compost is his favorite. For our interior projects he can be found near the saw station as he handles all of the scrap wood. Bodie works most of the year but takes a vacation every summer to avoid the heat.

850 dozer 2001.jpg

South Florida Excavation Inc.

12 years old in this picture, Patrick spent summer vacations operating heavy equipment. "Clients often say things to me like, you really know what you're doing with that thing (referring to a some kind of tractor). I respond by saying, I'd  better be with the amount of seat time I have in one of these things."  


Merrill, Hampton Falls, NH

The Merrill family influence promoted a strong sense of self reliance. Patrick inherited their mechanical ability and technical understanding of all things, including hard work. Pictured above, Patrick's father and uncle mill pine trees into boards on a family wood lot. Patrick's father operated his own mobile saw mill business for 15 years in addition to his 25+ year career as a commercial aircraft mechanic. 


Alison Anderson

Patrick and his mother Alison have built and renovated houses together in both NH and FL. Alison has contracted a number of builds herself. Her career spans land development, interior design and high end real estate. A broker in Naples, FL she's also licensed locally with Bean Group. The picture above shows Alison revising a set of framing plans on site for a home in Rye, NH.

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